Tahoe Players Lake Tahoe Dance and Theater

Tahoe Players is a Dance Studio and Theater Company dedicated to providing quality dance and theater education and performance to the Lake Tahoe area since 1990.

Studio Address
920 Incline Way
Suite D
Incline Village, NV
(775) 285 7464
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 3457
Incline Village, NV

Tahoe Players Dance Studio is a full service dance school located in Incline Village, Nevada by Beautiful Lake Tahoe. The studio offers the finest in Tahoe Dance Education, offering a wide range of classes and private lessons for all ages. Our instructional dance classes cover Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop/Break Dancing, Aerial Silks, Acrobatics, and Tumbling. We also provide Voice, Drama and Theater classes as well as Summer Camps covering all disciplines. The studio space in incline is also available to rent out for private events and classes.

Tahoe Players Assn. is a community theatrical company with a primary focus on quality children's theater. The company utilizes actors, singers dancers, and musicians of all ages spanning northern Nevada and California. Tahoe Players productions provide artists with an opportunity to display their talent and work with professionals. The local amateurs are supported by a professional director, choreographer, musical and vocal directors, professional union musicians, set designer and stage manager. This provides an excellent learning opportunity for all involved on the stage, in the audience, and behind the scenes.

Tahoe Players is also a licensed booking agency specializing in finding work for young and adult Actors, Singers, Dancers, Musicians, and Models nationwide. Tahoe Players Booking Agency ensures that our clients are prepared for each audition and callback by taking private time to rehearse and create a mock audition experience tailored to what the next audition may resemble.

Monica Folio, Founder of Tahoe Players, passed away in April, 2011. Her vision and love of the arts remain the lifeblood of Tahoe Players. Monica's granddaughter, Lily Baran continues this vision. She and the Tahoe Players board are committed to carrying on her legacy and soaring to new heights!

Tahoe Players is a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization.
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Getting Involved

Tahoe Players Dance Studio is a full service dance school located at Lake Tahoe in Incline Village NV for the past 20 years. We offer Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Modern Dance Classes, as well as Arial Silks and Theatre Classes. 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